Fall Tree Planting 

Almost all homeowners like the feel and sight of lush green shrubs and trees beautifying their backyard or front yard. Almost every person still thinks about spring to be the best time for planting. However, a lot of professional arborists and landscapers differ from the customary viewpoint and find fall better for tree planting.  

The fall season provides the best conditions that are optimal for the tree’s growth. Tree planting during fall provides a couple of benefits that will leave you with beautiful trees by spring. 

Today, we are going to share with you some reasons why tree service Stockton CA companies prefer fall tree planting. 

No Heat Damage 

Hot temperatures can damage newly planted trees. They can damage the plants and burn the leaves. On the other hand, moderate fall temperature isn’t that damaging to trees.  

Also, fall tree planting offers time to handle vital tree tasks such as fertilization and weed control. A couple of trees that can be planted easily during fall include spruces, sycamore, hackberry, pines, maple, catalpa, elm, honey locust, alder, and much more.  

Low Threat of Diseases and Pests 

There are fewer leaf-eating insects and pests during fall, unlike spring. It means lowered stress for trees and less maintenance needs. 

Less Watering 

The greatest advantages of fall tree planting are the easily absorbable and gentle rainfall that waters naturally the newly planted trees. In addition to that, the plants don’t lose water as fast as they do in the summer season since fall has cold weather and shorter days.  

Warm Soil 

During the fall, the soil is warm because of the summer season that has concluded recently. This enables new plants to establish stronger roots before the winter season. While the metabolism, energy consumption, and growth of shrubs and trees are stopped temporarily as they’re in the dormant stage, they keep on developing the roots. The roots will use the time to establish stronger roots and store nutrients to survive during the summer season.  


Long bright days and extreme summer heat can be stressful for new plants. This makes it harder for them to properly develop. With its shorter days and moderately cold weather, fall presents the ideal environment for the growth of new trees. Cooler temperatures provide the best time to plant trees that are on the more heat-sensitive side as well.  

Low Transpiration 

Trees get rid of excess water during transpiration. Because of its high temperatures, trees lose more water in the summer season. On the other hand, cooler temperatures during fall lead to low transpiration. This enables the plants to retain more water to help in their growth.  

It’s ideal to plant trees during the fall season since they obtain enough time to develop the roots to get through the hot weather during summers. They also need less maintenance. Proper placement and enough planning are vital to guarantee the proper growth of the tree. In addition to that, you’ve got to keep in mind that the newly planted trees will require maintenance and care, regardless of the season you plant them.